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Portable Minigolf

Our minigolf course design is unique, lightweight, modular and highly portable making it perfect for every event style. Our portable crazy golf / mini golf courses come in a variety of sizes.

The Ultimate Portable Modular Mini Golf Course

Our portable Crazy Golf/Mini Golf courses are fully weather resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors all year round.

The playing surface has full drainage built in and will dry quickly after a soaking. The surface is also UV protected and will not fade after long-term exposure to the sun.

The surface has a non-slip backing and can be used on any flooring safely. Being a rubber backed material, the course may be placed anywhere and will not damage the floor. Use safely on gym floors, hall floors, etc. Use our crazy golf courses outside on grass, playgrounds or tarmac and indoors on any flooring.

Our minigolf courses consist of a number of interlocking astrograss tiles. They connect together like jigsaw puzzle pieces - it takes about 3 minutes to assemble each hole. We use lightweight foam 'bumpers' - these are edge strips that velcro along the edge of the course to keep the ball in play.

Use safely on gym floors, assembly hall floors, carpets or laminated flooring. Use our crazy golf courses outside on grass, playgrounds, tarmac or decked areas to create your own 9 hole crazy golf course in your surroundings.

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